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All Bucc Booster Meetings are held at 7:00pm on the last Wednesday of the month at the End Zone Hall.
Covington's Smith Field has been the only home for the Covington Buccaneers since the inception of the modern era in 1947.
Directions to Smith Field...
From Dayton: Take I-75 North to SR-41 (West) into Covington. Turn right (North) on SR 48. At third stop light, turn right (East) on SR-36. Take 36 about .75 miles and turn right (South) on Ullery St. Smith Field is ahead.
From Minster: Take SR-66 (South) to SR-48. Turn right (South) on SR-48 and drive 7 miles to Covington. At first stop light, turn left (East) on SR-36. Take 36 about .75 miles and turn right (South) on Ullery St. Smith Field is ahead.
From Greenville: Take SR-36 (East) to Covington. Proceed (East) through first stop light about .75 miles and turn right (South) on Ullery St. Smith Field is ahead.
From Piqua: Take SR-36 (West) into Covington. Turn left (South) on Ullery St. Smith Field is ahead.
From West Milton: Take SR-48 (North) into Covington. At third stop light, turn right (East) of SR-36. Take 36 about .75 miles and turn right (South) on Ullery St. Smith Field is ahead.

The Birth of Smith Field...
Early in 1947, the Board of Education issued enough bonds to secure $5,000, and as a gift, presented them with an additional five acres. The 10-acre site was then called Smith Field. The bonds have since been retired, being paid off at the rate of $1,000 per year.

In the meantime, a Boosters Club, composed of enthusiastic sportsmen, was organized with Russell Johnson as president. This organization raffled off an automobile and along with several other projects, secured enough money to construct and equip the football field and a quarter-mile track.

Friday, September 26, 1947, was designated as "Booster's Night". In the semi-darkness at Smith Field, over 1,500 eager fans heard the words, "We have honored our country with the playing of the National we honor the Boosters by turning on the lights. Let there be light." R.K. Johnston, Booster president, then presented the athletic facility and Kermit Stade accepted of behalf of the school board. Covington fans were only minutes away from witnessing the rebirth of a sport that had been dormant in Covington for 37 years.

Covington hosted the Piqua Catholic Cavaliers in this first game on the friendly confines of Smith Field, and midway through the first quarter, David Beard went 30 yards around right end for the first touchdown. Dick Supinger booted the extra point as Covington put their first seven points on the scoreboard. Late in the third period, Beard and Supinger duplicated the feat in the same manner and the Buccaneers had their first triumph, a 14-0 victory that started a tradition that exists today.

The Smith Field Tradition...
Over the years, Smith Field has evolved in appearance. The biggest evolution was started by Bob Huelsman and the Bucc Boosters organization.

In the late 70's, the tradition of the Covington emblem being painted at mid-field was spearheaded by Huelsman. Since, it has become a tradition for Booster members as they paint the Buccaneer logo prior to each game. Along with Huelsman, the most notable contributor over the years has been long-time Booster member, Ben Wolfe.

The appearance of the field has garnered attention from publications across the country and from opposing teams, who have solicited advice on field maintenance.

Since the beginning, a special love for Smith Field has developed for Buccaneer loyalists as it has become a source of pride for those who have played on the field and even those who have witnessed the memorable games. This love runs very deep and touches an emotional nerve of Buccaneer loyalists.

"This is a special place and a special field that our kids honor and respect, and the logo in the middle symbolizes that," said Covington coach Dave Miller. "It's a reflection of our tradition, our memories, and those who came before us. Every player who plays here leaves a part of themselves on this field. They also take some of the field with them. That's what makes it special."

Over the years it has become common for kids who have played their final game on Smith Field to gather on the logo at mid-field and let the emotions flow. The names and/or numbers of Covington players who have passed away have been painted on the field. The field has even become the setting for a funeral - the funeral of long-time Buccaneer assistant coach Doug Swartz. And in the center of it all is the breathtaking logo painted on the field - a logo every Buccaneer team leaves untouched (other than the coin flip) as much as possible until kickoff.

To Covington, Smith Field is more than a "Field of Dreams"...It's a "Field of Tradition".

Covington's Smith Field has been select by Pioneer Athletics for the 2013 Fields of Excellence Award for its field maintenance.
Covington's Smith Field has been select by Pioneer Athletics for the 2013 Fields of Excellence Award for its field maintenance.

Smith Field is maintained by Covington High School janitorial staff, Athletic Director Roger Craft and the "Field Crew", which consists of a a group of Buccaneer supporters led by long-time supporter Ben Wolfe. Pioneer paint is used by the "Field Crew" to paint the field prior to every home game.

The "Field Crew" consists of: Ben Wolfe, Jeremy "G" Yingst, Ben Robinson, Joe Schmidt, Phil Ouellette, Russ Sowers, Andy Angle, Matt Hamilton, Nate Willoughby, Dennis "Scooby" Willoughby, Don McReynolds, Scott Baskerville, Bill Bitner, Rob Ryan and athletic director Roger Craft.

Below is the recognition letter submitted to the Covington Athletic Department from Pioneer Athletics.

Dear Roger Craft,

Congratulations! Your facility has been selected as a Winner of Pioneer Athletics' 2013 Fields of Excellence Award.

Pioneer understands that excellence in athletic field maintenance often goes unrecognized and unappreciated. The Fields of Excellence Award Program is designed to make others more aware of your hard work and help you gain the recognition your efforts deserve.

As a benefit of your award, you will receive a certificate of recognition and a Fields of Excellence banner that can be displayed at your winning field.

We received many outstanding applications this year from both professional and amateur athletics facilities. Only a select group was chosen. On behalf of myself and everyone at Pioneer Athletics, I would like to congratulate you for your achievement. Your hard work has earned you the right to say that your field is one of the best!

Douglas Schattinger
Pioneer Athletics

Smith Field was the setting for the funeral of long-time Buccaneer assistant coach Doug Swartz in 2010.
Benny Wolfe symbolizes what makes Covington special by his generosity and willingness to give to the kids who are fortunate enough to be Covington Buccaneers.

Covington is a special place as evident by the generations of people donating their time and money to make Covington Schools a better place for kids to learn and play the sports of their choosing. But nobody - and everyone in Covington would agree - has given of his or her time more freely than Benny Wolfe over the past thirty-five years.

Burr Simpson...He Started It All!
He coached only 3 seasons and recorded a modest 12-10-2 record but Burr Simpson is the foundation for Buccs football. He coached the Buccs' first team in 1947 and built the program from nothing into a 6-2 team in 1949. He set the foundation for coaches who followed him. Consider, Burr Simpson's first season ended with a 2-6 record and in his second year he built his team into a winner by going 5-2-2. His team improved again in 1949 with a 6-2 record. With the wheels in motion, Paul Devine stepped in and recorded a 6-3 record in 1950, a 7-0-2 record in 1951 and a perfect 9-0 record in 1952.